There are so many wonderful, important and enlightening things being written and said these days to help us in our understanding of who we are. I'm going to post them from time to time in hopes that people don't miss them. This is from A Course In Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen.

 Even when you labor under the illusion that you must provide for yourself, God is caring for you. Consider the trillions of microscopic processes that keep your body alive and healthy. They are not under your conscious control. Your heart beats, your lungs breathe, your stomach digests, a cut on your finger heals without you knowing how to regrow your skin, and all of your organs play their intricate and complex roles perfectly. You participate in a supremely intelligent process far vaster than you are able to supervise. You may believe you are responsible for your well being but you are not. You are responsible to cooperate, not control. You can say with full confidence, "I am sustained by the love of God".

And here is the good news. This is true of all human beings no matter who they are, where they live or what they believe. 


The venerable old song goes something like this…

It was good for the Hebrew children.

It was good for Paul and Silas.

It was good for dad and mother.

So it’s good enough for me.

But it seems to me we need to ask ourselves this question.

Is it really?

Is it good for me just because it was good for the Hebrew children 1500 years before Christ?

I’ve asked myself that question over and over in my life and keep getting the same answer. No. It is not.

With all due respect to Paul and Silas and the Hebrew children I believe there is much more we can learn about God now in the 21st century. I believe He is inviting us to. I believe it is His purpose for our lives that we come to know Him fully. Science and technologies are available to us now that are revealing a clear picture of what the universe is and what we’re doing in it.

Sad to say, but since my book came out a month ago I have gotten a lot of pushback from people who insist that clear picture I’m getting is really the work of the devil. Because I have dared to ask for more from God they say I have “gone off the deep end”, “fallen into a trap”, “been seduced by the spirit of confusion”, and that I need to “get back into the Word and rethink who Jesus was.”  

I expected such an outcry from some of my more fundamental brethren. I am not surprised by it and I don’t hold anyone in disrespect who is trying to bring me to my senses. In fact I appreciate them praying for me. What concerns me more is what our old time religions are doing to humanity. I have come to the conclusion that such blind insistence on the faith of our fathers is the source of all the confusion, anxiety and hostility we see so rampant in the world today. Everyone seems to be dug in defending their beliefs about God and his expectations for man. The spiritual traditions we honor have bearing on the laws we make, the communications we share, the people we accept and the lands we defend. It is all because of the great fear we have of God, and an even greater need to prove that ours is the one faith that can keep us from incurring His wrath.

But now it’s time for the question. Do we really need to hold onto our oldest beliefs about God? What if He isn’t going to punish us no matter what we believe? What would happen if we came to the understanding that God loves all of his children regardless of their religion, race, color, gender or sexual orientation? How and when did we ever get to believe otherwise? 

I’m going to be looking at these questions from time to time in this blog. God has revealed something new to me that I need to share. I hope others will join in with their own thoughts. We are one people on this little speck of dust third from the sun, and we need to iron out our differences... while there's still time.